Cosmetic Dentist in Miami Lakes

Cosmetic Dentist in Miami Lakes

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If your teeth are structurally sound and strong, but some of them simply don’t look the way you want them to, you should consider veneers as the method for correcting the situation. At Comprehensive Family Dentistry, you can depend on expert placement of them in a process that can be completed in a reasonable time, and without any undue discomfort on your part.

Veneers are slender shells designed to fit over the fronts of any teeth you have that are visibly chipped, misshapen, crooked, discolored, or even those that have wide spaces between them and their neighboring teeth. Some people think that the teeth have to be replaced or physically repaired to get the desired results. That’s not so. Our cosmetic dentist in Miami Lakes simply puts the veneers over the teeth in question, leaving a completely natural and perfect looking tooth for everyone to see. What’s behind the veneer doesn’t matter, because it’s not visible. Our cosmetic dentist in Miami Lakes will take impressions of your teeth and hand them off to the dental lab. There, your veneers will be fashioned and then returned to our office. You will then come back to have them fitted to your teeth. Not completely satisfied with the feel or the look? That’s no problem. Any adjustments can be taken care without fuss. After a thin layer of tooth material is filed off from a particular tooth, the veneer can then be bonded to it. Because of this, there is no protrusion of the veneers and the outcome is that your smile looks as if you got a whole new set of beautiful teeth.

Expect to get about 10 to 15 years of use out of your veneers. Get started now. Book a consultation and examination with our cosmetic dentist in Miami Lakes with our office right now.

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