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Dental plaque causes tooth decay and gum disease, and so it is something you should act upon every day. Here at Comprehensive Family Dentistry, our priority is to help you prevent the consequences of this invisible, sticky bacterial film.

No matter what you do, there will always be some formation of plaque on your teeth and at the gum line, but sugary and starchy foods and drinks contribute greatly. Limiting them is key to limiting the effects of plaque so that it does not erode your tooth enamel or irritate and redden your gums. Brushing your teeth in the morning and again at bedtime goes a long way toward prevention. Our Miami Lakes dentist office also wants you to floss between your teeth at bedtime every night. Your at-home oral hygiene removes the vast majority of plaque so that it does not have a chance to cause harm to your teeth and gums. However, some may manage to escape the reach of your brush and your floss, which then results in it turning into tartar, which is a harder and crustier version of plaque that requires a professional teeth cleaning to efficiently eliminate. When you come in for your six months checkups at our Miami Lakes dentist office, a cleaning is part of the visit. It gets rid of tartar buildup, and will also reverse the effects of early stage gum disease, or gingivitis. If you were to postpone or skip that cleaning, it would make it possible for gum disease to reach the advanced stage of periodontitis, which is marked by signs like receding gums, persistent bad breath, bleeding while brushing, loss of gum and bone tissue, gum infections, and loose teeth.

Why risk the wellness of your teeth and gums? Reach out to us so that we can schedule you to come in for an examination and cleaning at our Miami Lakes dentist office.

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